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Sanam Baloch


Sanam Baloch is a famous Pakistani TV Host and drama actress. She is a rising talented Pakistani artist
Sanam Baloch Age
Her date of birth is July 14. She has given successful drama serials and commercials in the short span of her career from early age.
Sanam Baloch is one of the most beautiful, hot and bold actress and tv host of Pakistan. Sanam baloch was born in Karachi Sindh, Pakistan.  Her date of birth is July 14. She has given successful drama serials and commercials in the short span of her career from early age. Sanam has two brothers, Farhan Baloch and Abbas Baloch in the family. She is a successful star who shining on the world of Entertainment, So thats why she has faced many scandal about her wedding or married life in Media. She has an innocent face in her age group actresses and she acts done fantastic roles in many dramas. Her personal interests are acting, hosting and modeling.
Sanam Baloch Family
She is loving sister of two brothers Farhan Baloch and Abbas Baloch. She is loved and recognized by nick name SAM among her family. She is the younger sister of Sambreen Baloch who was Nirmal in Meri Adhoori Mohabbat on Geo Tv.
Sanam Baloch Career

Sanam Baloch began her career in the entertainment industry as an anchor person of the discussion program for Sindhi TV, KTN, soon after the completion of Matric. She is the younger sister of Hisbani Sabrin (TV actress). Currently she hosts the morning show on Hum TV. Although it is estimated that she was fortunate enough to be offering many of the roles, even in the first place, Sanam Baloch are determined to maintain a certain level, and accept only lead roles. Sanam Baloch recent dramas, and it appears from Doraha (Geo TV), Task Force Khirkion Ke peechey (TV1), Noorpur Ki Rani (Hum TV) Mannchalay (Hum TV), etc..
She is definitely talented and knows how to act, a total natural in front of the camera. she has carved a name for herself in a very short time. She starred in some of the popular Pakistani drama serials, and appeared in commercials for different products.
·    Band Khirkion Ke peechey (TV1)
·    Doraha (Geo TV)
·    Noorpur Ki Rani (Hum TV)
·    Manchalay (Hum TV)
·    Zainab Bint-e-Sakina (Binte, Geo TV)
·    Chemistry (Geo TV)
Sanam Baloch used to host a show on Hum TV, every weekday morning called Morning with Hum – in this show she talked to the viewers for a period of time, and interviewed major celebrities and other important figures of Pakistan. This show was quite useful to many women of Pakistan, as they watch it regularly.
She has also faced so many scandals about her marriage and other matters, but a part of showbiz industry. Apart from all this, she is in the full bloom of her success.

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